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About Our Bakes

 Not only do we want our cakes and bakes to look delicious and insta worthy! We need them to taste just as good as they look too. We only use free range eggs in our bakes as the quality is so much better.
We housed rescue hens for a number of years which was great fun and the eggs were rich and delicious. There may come a time when we will rescue some more hens but for now, we will continue to use the highest quality free range eggs in our bakes.

Great quality products assist with our great quality bakes! We only provide bakes goods that we would be more than happy to eat ourselves!


Our Products

Aside from your usual cupcakes and brownies, we try to come up with new ideas for these products.
Our brownie sandwiches, brownie and blondie cupcakes are out of this world!
You can order 6 slices of our brownie sandwiches right to your door. How amazing is that!? 

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