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Postal Cakes

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DIY Cookie kits & BYOB (bake your own brownies)


A little about me!

Baking has always been in my blood. I grew up watching my grandparents bake a variety of things from cakes to pastries and patties. I often baked with my mum. Sundays were my favourite day as we would bake a dessert, my favourite was a deliciously light, high rised lemon soufflé (I can taste it as I am typing!) followed by different fruity crumbles. If the ratio of crumble to fruit is not at least 2:1, I can honestly say I am not interested!I started baking a few years after I finished university, I played around with tastes and textures and experimented most Friday evenings. I then started baking for friends. Instead of bringing a bottle to gatherings, I would bring a baked treat. Fast forward a few years my partner and I welcomed our beautiful daughter into the world. Although I firmly had my hands full, I made time to start baking again. Shortly after her first birthday we all found ourselves in uncertain times with the global pandemic. Not being able to freely see our loved ones, I took to posting cakes and baked treats for lockdown birthdays and ‘just because’ -a little reminder to my friends that we can stay connected through our love of cake! It was a lovely gesture (so I have been told) to receive a sweet treat (and the wow factor) through the letterbox. Amazing! As things finally started to open up and we were able to move about more freely, I baked more cupcakes than ever before! Combining my love for brownies and cupcakes, my indulgent brownie cupcake was born, Best of both worlds! Just like my grandparents, I love to experiment in my baking studio. As a woman with PCOS, I am working on recipes that are low in sugar, gluten free and dairy free without compromising on taste. We should all be able to enjoy a little bit of cake! 


Gluten-Free Products

Baked goods without gluten shouldn’t mean a compromise on taste. The gluten-free bakes are just as good as the original bakes.


Perfect with a cuppa!


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